Machining Recipe Book
Interactive Spreadsheets
Machining Recipe Book
Interactive Spreadsheets

Metric Tap Feed Rate

13-Metric Tap Feed Rate

3 Wire Screw Thread Size

1- 3 wire dimensions

Minimum Punch Size

14-Minimum Punch Size

Oblique Triangle

15-Oblique Triangle

Peck Drill Code

16-Peck Drill Code

Pipe Tap Drill Chart

17-Pipe Tap Drill Chart

Program Drill Depth

18-Program Drill Depth

Punch & Die Clearance

2- Bend Allowance

Bolt Circle Zero at 3 O'Clock

3- Bolt Circle 3 O'Clock

Bolt Circle Zero at 12 O'Clock

4- Bolt Circle 12 O'Clock

Chain Length Around 2 Sprockets

5- Chain Length 2 Sprockets

Feeds and Speeds

33-Chamfer Depth 19-Punch & Die Clearance

Right Triangle

20-Right Triangle

Shaft Keyway Depth

21-Shaft Keyway Depth

Spindle Centers

22-Spindle Centers

Sprocket Center Distance

23-Sprocket Center Distance

Sprocket Pitch Diameter

24-Sprocket Pitch Diameter

Standard Drill Sizes

25-Standard Drill Sizes #107 thru 1-1/2in

Tap Drill Size for Cold Form Thread

26-Tap Drill Size for Cold Form Threads

Tap Drill Size for Inch & Metric Cut Thread

27-Tap Drill Size for Cut Threads

Bend Allowance

6- Feeds and Speeds

Force for Punching

7-Force for Punching

Hub Keyway Depth

8-Hub Keyway Depth

Inch Tap Feed Rate

9-Inch Tap Feed Rate

Material Gauge Charts

10-Sheet Metal Gauge Charts

Material Weight

11-Material Weight

Metric Conversion

12-Metric Conversion

Injection Molding Quote Sheet

28-Injection Molding Quote Sheet

Degrees to Radians

30-Degrees to Radians

Sine Bar

31-Sine Bar

Chamfer Depth

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These spreadsheets were all written and used by me during my 40+ years as a machinist. Go to my ABOUT page for information on why I am offering my collection.